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Velma Freak Dancing


Velma? Whoa! I watched the Scooby Doo show every weekend as a kid, and I always thought they were saying Thelma. I did not know that the chick's name was actually Velma until I researched Scooby Doo characters.  Crap people, learn to pronunciate. Velma with a V...as in virgin, vortex, and vacant. Not Thelma with a V. Th ...is for this, that, and those. I'm guessing someone on the Scooby Doo cast had a lisp. (thirgin, thortex, thacant)

This animated meme of Velma Dinkly from Scooby Doo dancing on webcam was created from this video of Velma dancing to a Rihanna song

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