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Ball Balancing Bird

cha ching...circus here we come

I found this really cool gif by searching online for "booty drop" pics. Yeah. wtf? Anyhoo... I did my usual research for these types of things...look for the video on Youtube. I typed in "bird tennis ball". I got back a video that said "Budgie Balancing Trick". Yep that was the very same bird on the very same tennis ball. So I went to get the embed code to add it here for people to see.

At first I thought Budgie was the name of the bird, but then I noticed that the person who uploaded it didn't have any other information. Weird that they wouldn't have anymore information about this fascinating birdie. So I thought to myself....maybe they got this video from somewhere else, and they don't actually know the name of this bird.

So I googled the word "Budgie," and I discovered that "according to the internet" a budgie is a small parrot like bird native to Australia. WTF? Internet fail. They might be called "budgies" in Australia, but this bird is not native to Australia. They're found all over the world. In America they're called "parakeets."

The lesson: Never believe the things you read on the internet and you never know what you'll find while looking for booty drop gifs. Now here's the video.

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