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dance Jango dance!

If you were old enough to watch tv and understand it during the late 80s early 90s then you should be aware of the phenomenon known as "Vogueing." This was a dance routine that involved flipping your hands around your face. The move came from a Madonna video for her song "Vogue." Gay people of course took it much further and started flailing their arms around wildly. The guy in this gif has added in a little Russian leg dance with his super fantastic vogue moves.

Now here is another internet fail. According to the interwebs Madonna made her song because she was influenced by the "Vogue" dancers of Harlem. Correction. Vogue dancers were influenced by Madonna's song. Vogueing didn't exist until that song, and the song had nothing to do with a dance in the first place. The song was about the fashion magazine "VOGUE." Her hand gestures were imitating model poses for the camera.

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