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How to Levitate

flap your hands

Want to create your own levitating gif? Just follow these steps:

Things you need:  masking tape, camera, awesome pose

1. Decide what path of flight you would take if you could actually hover around. Mark it of step by step with tape. (Hanzel and Gretel style).

2. Set your camera on auto and put the timer on. Make sure the camera stays in the same place. We don't want any difference between each shot. Also don't let someone hold the camera. People tend to shake.

3. At each tape mark you've made jump up in the air as you see your camera timer is about to go off. (usually marked by a blinking red light and a chime)

4. Take all your pics and upload them to a gif maker program or use photoshop, whatever. Wallah.

Note: You're sure to have lots of mistakes your first time so make sure you've got your batteries charged.

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