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Butt Cup Flip

make daddy proud

Here is the fascinating story of how I found this interesting gif: you see I found this great lol pic of the Ice King from the Adventure Time show on Cartoon Network of the Ice King booty dropping. When I checked my web traffic stats it seems that people were actually finding this site by searching for booty drop pictures. I thought that's weird. I only had the one pic.

So I decided to find out exactly what was this booty drop craze all about. I found the most disgusting videos and gifs of chicks with butts looser than a 5 cent prostitute on buy 1 get 5 free Mondays at a country music festival making their cottage cheese booties shake.

Then I found this pic of a girl flipping a cup on her butt. Thankfully she's wearing pants. I thought it's pretty unique, but actually it's not. Apparently it's almost as popular as booty drop'n.

You know, the song is so true.."People don't even dance no more...all they do is this...all they do is this..."

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