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This is the official policy of Animated Meme: http://www.animatedmeme.blogspot.com for this site and any social networks, blogs, websites, and dirty socks associated with this site. Please read this very important information. There will be a pop quiz at your mom's house later.

Rules for people sharing memes on this site:

1. No pornography. Sexy pictures are okay. Nothing wrong with sexy. No nudity. Girls must be covered. Guys must be covered. Just to be safe, let's keep the animals covered too.
2. see rule 1.

Copyright material:  Basically it's like this. If you see something that you know or think someone else made on this site...Welcome to the Internet Bish! We try to give credit where credit is due, but if we don't know let us know. We'll give you a shout out. Holla!

Offensive Material: What isn't offensive these days? Go cry in a corner and get off the interwebs.

Most of the material on this site I did not create, and do not own. The purpose of this site (http://www.animatedmeme.blogspot.com) is only to share animated memes; animated gifs; whatever they might ever be called. The gifs that I have created are public domain. Feel free to use, manipulate, share, and fondle any of the material on this site.

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