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Magic Hand

Shia LaBeouf has got the magic

Shia LaBeouf, star of the Transformers movies, and all those other ones that people were like "Why is a kid playing these roles", and then later were like "Eh... he's not so bad," performing what is called in Vocal Stage performances as the Magic Hand, whilst wearing a sparkly unicorn shirt. You can't help but notice his hair. And of course I know you're thinking...wig. But I saw a picture of him from some tabloid report showing him arguing with some chick (gf?), and his hair looked a lot like that, just shorter.

There is no video on Youtube for this gif. It does exist on Hulu, but I refuse to share videos from that racist site. It's a global world douches. Get with it. American pride all the way, but there is a much larger world out there.

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